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In the end, though, the daughters find a strong and loving connection with their mothers. How do the mothers express their love for their daughters? How do the daughters express their love for their mothers? How are the forms of showing love different. What are the similarities in all the mother-daughter stories?

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Compare and contrast the relationships Suyuan, Ying-ying, An-mei, and Lindo had with their own mothers to the relationships these women have with their daughters. Is it less intense?

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More forgiving? More confusing? In what ways? Is this book arguing that the mother-daughter connection is closer than the father-daughter or mother-son connection? If so, in what ways is the bond closer? All rights reserved. Persuasive speeches are given with the intention of convincing an audience to have the same point of view as the speaker.

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Improving Mother/Daughter Relationships In Amy Tan’s Joy Luck Club

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