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The Pursuit of Happiness Essay

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The Pursuit of Happyness () - Movie Review / Film Essay

He fights everyday for it. From rags to riches. Chris is trying harder than anyone else to make his dream come true. He works like a machine; he is running everyday from one opportunity to the next. While raising Christopher and working at the company he still has to sell the scanners at the same time, to earn money. After six months of more than extreme hard work he manages to fulfill his dream and gets the job.

The harsh time in their life is finally over. The story of the film shows the possibility to make your dreams come true in America by working really hard. You cannot reach your dreams if you do not work hard enough for it. Everyone is responsible for their own well being.

A big point in critic would be that the film does not respond in any way to the importance of education. Today it would be also almost impossible in the USA to get a good job without a good education. Another big topic of the film is the poverty which appears in many different aspects in the movie.

At first you see the family which is badly influenced by the poverty. The poverty ruins the atmosphere of the family. Chris and Linda are fighting about money the whole time and are not able to live without counting on every dollar. As a result, Linda is full of economic fears and decides to leave the family.

N C Nadine Custer Author. Add to cart. Contents 1. He has invested all his money on portable bone density scanners, which he personally sells to physicians. Despite being a better product than x-rays machines, they are also far more expensive, meaning that they are an unnecessary luxury for most physicians.

He needs to sell three scanners per month just to meet the basic necessities to support his family, his wife, Linda, and their five year old son, Christopher, on who he dotes since he didn't know his own father when he was a child. But lately, that has been three per month more than he has sold, resulting in an increasing embittered Linda continually needing to work double shifts doing manual work at a laundry, which still isn't enough to cover those basic costs, they being currently behind three months rent.

Analysis Of The Movie ' The Pursuit Of Happiness ' Essay

Chris can't afford to pay his parking ticket, meaning that he has to take the bus everywhere now as the clamp remains on the tire of his car. Feeling like the scanner is not the answer to their financial problems, Chris, with or without Linda's blessing, decides to take a chance by switching careers when he sees that brokerage and securities firm Dean Witter has a six month internship program, which only admits twenty applicants, leading to only one intern being hired at the end of the process. It isn't until he is well immersed into the process that he learns that the internships are non-paying.

Based largely on his chutzpah, Chris, against the odds, gets one of the twenty positions.

Essay about Review: The Pursuit of Happyness and Movie

With some changes in their lives resulting in fewer expenses, Chris figures he needs to sell his remaining six scanners just to scrape by for those six months. But some unexpected issues arise which leads to the Gardners possibly not making it through this phase of their lives financially, something he has to hide from his superiors at Dean Witter if he has any chance at all of making it through the internship and getting that paying job with them.

officegoodlucks.com/order/60/2193-rastreamento-de-numero.php The rousing, true-life story of a single dad who went from living on the streets to owning his own brokerage firm is brought to the big screen by superstar Will Smith, appearing for the first time opposite his real-life son Jaden Smith. Set in early-'80s San Francisco, the film charts the hard times and eventual comeback of Chris Gardner, a suddenly single salesman who has custody of his son, but finds that providing for the two of them is a challenge in the increasingly unstable economic climate. He struggles to work his way from unpaid intern at Dean Witter to something more substantial, even as life continues to offer him setbacks.

In , in San Francisco, the smart salesman and family man Chris Gardner invested the family savings in Ostelo National bone-density scanners, an apparatus twice more expensive than x-ray with practically the same resolution. The white elephant financially breaks the family, bringing troubles to the relationship with his wife that leaves him and moves to New York.