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His team was exceptional and did great follow through. Mammograms can also be utilized to find breast cancer after having discovered a lump or other indication or symptom of the cancerous tumor. This kind of mammogram is called a diagnostic mammogram. Some indications of breast cancer are pain, skin thickening, nipple discharge or a change in breast size or shape.

Nevertheless, these indications can also be a sign of a benign abnormal cellular growth. A diagnostic mammogram may also…… [Read More]. Breast cancer has been controlled across many different variables, but it has rarely been researched specifically across socioeconomic status. The main focus is whether there is a higher incidence of breast cancer among people who are socioeconomically disadvantaged. Studies have shown that this group does have less access to health care CDC, , and even when people in this situation do have access they are less likely to actually utilize those services.

Women are much less likely to get a breast cancer screening mammogram if they are economically disadvantaged. Thus, it is actually more difficult to conduct studies regarding this population. However, there is evidence to suggest, among the women from this classification, that there is actually a lower incidence of breast cancer than in women who are economically more affluent.

There have been very few studies that have looked at the socioeconomically disadvantaged population and breast cancer, but some…… [Read More]. Breast Cancer the Amount of. It would be impossible for this review to be inclusive of the vast body of work that is available on the subject of breast cancer. It is useful, however, in helping medical personnel determine if the particular study cited in this work is one that might prove useful to the medical practitioner's current problem, patient, or other focus in his or her work and continuing education.

A journal article appearing in Family Planning Perspectives, by D. Hollander , studies the risk factor for breast cancer for women who breast feed, versus those who do not breast feed. The article is brief, targeting the mother-to-be, or the new mother. The article does not give D.

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Hollander's credentials for writing this article, but the writer's credentials probably are along the lines of journalism, if a degree at all, because the article cites professional studies in a very limited way, using a simplistic…… [Read More]. Breast Cancer Detection Rural Women. In this particular instance the place to start would be to launch an education program aimed at both patients and providers as to the importance of early detection screening for breast cancer.

The goal would be to implement outreach strategies to improve access to screening for women who have rarely or never been screened.


A second thing that would need to be done would be that of developing a transportation and child care program that could be utilized by these women in order to help them to seek services. The hope would be that by raising awareness about the importance of early detection and providing access to screening services that a larger percentage of rural women would obtain screening procedures. Another barrier that would need to be addressed would be that of insurance availability. For those women who have access to insurance the reason for not seeking screening may be…… [Read More].

Breast cancer in the United States is the most widely spread cancer in ladies aged 45 through The American Cancer Society in stated that, around , ladies were determined to have breast cancer, and nearly 40, of them died because of it. It has been affirmed that race plays a part in breast cancer survival and incidence. While White women will probably get breast cancer, African-American women will most probably die from it as compared to any other group ACS, The expenses of breast cancer treatment are non-paltry and in this way its difference by race should be investigated.

Breast Cancer Into the Google. The site urges people to stay away from being "cut" having surgery or "poisoned" receiving chemotherapy. Instead, it takes readers on a nine-stage process to cleanse body and soul. After all, who would object to his or her patient praying or meditating?

Or joining a support group? Or eating a better diet for that matter?

Research paper outline breast cancer

The next site I came upon, though, did strike me as invalid. Breast Cancer Patients and their Support. The purpose for the selection of this topic is to assess the impact that support for breast cancer survivors has on them. The research will investigate the type of support that has tangible positive impact on the breast cancer survivor.

Surviving breast cancer can be a traumatic encounter for any patient.

Having some form of support from professionals may be necessary to help the survivors in their psychological recovery process. Research shows that participating in breast cancer support groups is fundamental for the reduction of anxiety and stress that emanates from diagnosis with breast cancer. This research will investigate the legitimacy and impact of breast cancer support.

The outcomes of this research are supposed to educate cancer survivors and breast cancer support groups on the importance of support. Diagnosis with breast cancer can be a devastating…… [Read More]. Breast Cancer Survivors in This. The subjects for the study were referred by local oncologists and to protect their rights they were provided with informed consent before participating.

In other words, what would be studied and why was explained to them and they could then decide whether they wanted to participate or decline. There was no requirement to participate and patients could stop any time that they felt uncomfortable. It is vital that individuals who are participating in something like this are made to feel comfortable and that they are clear on the fact that they are capable of choosing to discontinue participation. It is very difficult to get honest and complete answers from people who feel as though they have been coerced into something.

It is a much better choice when people are participating of their own free will and when they feel as though they are gaining something and helping others in the…… [Read More]. Breast Cancer Causal Factors. Cancer risk factors associated with insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-3 levels in healthy women" Barnes et al. The method for determining causality in this study was the statistical program. In this, a variety of statistical tests were run on the data, including t-test, Chi-Squared, Fisher's exact test, and Pearson correlations.

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The study also sought to control for other factors. This is necessary because there are many different potential factors that can influence the development of disease. The control and study groups, and the statistical tests used, need to isolate the independent variable in order to demonstrate that it is a causal factor. This statistical work owes a lot of its underpinnings to Bradford Hill, but also the web of causation. The web of causation reflects that disease is related to many different factors.

The factors may in turn influence each other. Introduction Breast cancer ranks among the top most common types of cancers among women all around the globe. In addition to being a dreaded disease, cancer, in general, attracts very culturally biased opinions. In Japan, breast cancer is among the most common cancers among women and statistic show that breast cancer incidences are only increasing with time.