Legalisation of cannabis in australia essay

Pharmaceutically, the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol THC ; it is one of known compounds in the plant, including more than 84 other cannabinoids. Cannabis is often consumed for its physiological effects, which can include.

50 years on: Should marijuana be legalised?

Should Marijuana be legalized in the UK? Marijuana can be viewed in two ways: an addictive illegal high or a medical treatment drug. Marijuana first and foremost is an illegal drug, and can land you up to 7 years in prison just for possession or up to 14 years in prison for the supplying and production of the drug.

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However, marijuana is not all bad. It can be used for medical purposes shown in certain states of the USA. Many people are unaware of this, so this leads us to the question: Marijuana;. Should Cannabis Be Legalised? Should cannabis be legalised in Australia?

Your response should provide a considered discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of both legalisation and criminalisation which shows evidence of wide and varied reading. Cannabis originated from Central Asia generations ago, with references to Cannabis dating back to medical and religious Chinese and Indian texts. Cannabis was also used in the West as hemp fibre, for industrial purposes, before it was used for medical use by W.

This increased government revenue could be seen as a major advantage in legalising marijuana where revenue could be used for increase expenditure in defence, education and health. Another advantage attained from removing prohibition may not only be increased revenue through reduced government expenditure on prohibiting marijuana as mentioned above, but may also be seen through the social benefits seen from the prohibition moving away from the focus on softer, less harmful such as marijuana, and would focus on drugs with more harmful effects such as heroin and methamphetamines.

Through decriminalising marijuana, police forces could focus more on more addictive, harmful drugs which have a higher risk over overdose and more serious effects. Another advantage of legalising marijuana may be the medical benefits of cannabis which can be used to create a safe therapeutic effect, when used medicinally in its purest form.

Studies also show the marijuana when used under a supervised routine of medical care can be used to reduce stress, as well as relieving and reducing nausea from cancer patients who participate in chemotherapy. She won lots of the dial-ins, being at home so often. I remember feeling like an imposter, sitting in the small lecture theatre full of appreciative sophisticates.

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She said the story was very effective. The school cut her a deal: a regular, medically supervised supply of the drug on the proviso that she told no one, turned up every day, and went straight to rehab at the end of the year. The school had also saved my life, many times, in particular by sending me on exchange to the US for a year when I was 15, after I was caught smoking on campus, again.

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My homeroom teacher looked to the heavens and then back at me. By a further miracle I landed at one of the most progressive private schools on the east coast, stayed with a classics teacher, a famous YA author and their two children, and was seamlessly taken under the wing of the artsy hardcore-music crowd. These were kids filled with curiosity about themselves and the world.

Thus began my foray into illicit drugs. Who knew, but it only cost three bucks into the toilets at blue-light discos all over Melbourne, but that was it. The drug of choice among my new friends was cannabis. My new friends smoked differently. In circles at parties, listening to Led Zeppelin and Black Flag. Or talking. About interesting things. And laughing. I loved cannabis: there was no vomiting and no hangover. Music sounded incredible.

Food tasted incredible. A touch, a kiss. About three months before I was due to fly home, one of the senior boys a guy with an interest in folklore and psychedelics asked if I wanted to drop acid with him. I did want to. He took it very seriously and spent a few weeks preparing me for the experience. It was and he did. He said it would change the way I saw the world, blow my mind, change my life. But given my mind had already been well and truly blown by that year in that place, the little square of LSD-impregnated blotting paper had a lot to compete with.

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We spent the night dancing and laughing. So I was extremely tired the next day. And that was it.

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I went back to smoking cannabis on the weekends until I came back to Australia and found myself, as before, disinclined to hang with the bogan bong smokers. We talked about this change in the hospital where I work, but no one seemed to know what we could prescribe it for, or the steps necessary to obtain permission to prescribe it, or the cannabis preparations that were actually available to prescribe.

What would we write on our script pad? Smoke as needed via joint or bong? I started looking into the matter seriously in April this year.

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If approved, I then needed to apply to the Victorian health department for its approval. If the Victorian health department gave me that approval, I needed the patient to sign a consent document and agree to frequent follow-ups. At that point, I could finally write a prescription and send the patient off to the pharmacy of their choice. At the time, I was working in a busy, bulk-billed, public-hospital specialist clinic with a long waiting list of mostly unemployed patients. I estimated that completing the paperwork necessary to prescribe this treatment to a single patient one who could afford it would require at least four hours of my time.

Prescribing enough opiates to kill them and their family, by way of comparison, would take me 30 seconds, max. And so this was what I pursued. I completed a medicinal cannabis course, and conducted and documented a major literature review of the current medical research. My final application to prescribe five different MC preparations for seven clinical indications, following the TGA template, stretched to 52 pages. In order to submit the application to the TGA I needed an ethics committee to assess and approve it.

My specialist college, the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, declined to do this, just as the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists declined to assess the applications of two of my colleagues. They suggested we try a university or hospital ethics committee. I heard that the National Institute of Integrative Medicine a not-for-profit education institution based in Victoria had an ethics committee composed of doctors and scientists who were willing to assess such applications.

I contacted them — they were knowledgeable, rigorous and supportive — and sent it in for their appraisal.

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  • I was granted ethics approval. My application is now with the TGA. Studies show that approximately 35 per cent of the Australian population aged over 14 years has tried cannabis. Data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare shows that in approximately one in four adults in their 20s and approximately 10 per cent of people aged over 14 years reported recent use of cannabis. I know more people who take or have taken cannabis than not. You probably do too. Netflix even has a cannabis cooking show. Her rationale was a shooting murder of a teen by another teen who tested positive for alcohol, ecstasy and cannabis.

    Australia already spends twice as much on the evidently ineffective policing of drug supply as it does on health and social services aimed at reducing demand, preventing harm and promoting treatment. Use of illicit substances has risen consistently since prohibition in the s. What are we to do? To no avail?

    Legalising medical cannabis in Australia

    None of the countries that have decriminalised recreational drugs has seen an increase in the use of the substances. Overdoses, criminality and related violence are usually the result of the prohibition rather than of the drugs themselves.

    source Decriminalisation has proven to reduce these things.