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Television has destroyed communication among friends and family. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. Undoubtedly, there would be any household, nowadays, which does not possess a television set in their homes. Because of the increase in the popularity of a TV, some people hold the opinion, that personal communications between the families are getting diminished day by day.

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While, in my viewpoint, there are positives as well as negative sides of this fact which I will try to enunciate below. To begin with, increase in the appeal of TV programs has definitely shifted the focus of peoples' lifestyles. In the olden days, families used to gather in the dining room for the meal and while having the food, they used to discuss the complete day experiences.

For example, father used to share an experience of the work, mothers especially talks about the tasks done in the home and moreover children used to share the experiences of a school or the college.

The Importance of Communication Skills

However, nowadays, as the food is being served in the living room where normally everyone keeps track of the latest TV shows, the daily communications between the families is dying out. Consequently, everyone under the same roof is becoming a stranger to each other. Moreover, because of the diminishing cost of the electronic items, Television sets are becoming cheaper compared to the olden days.

The Impact of Technology on Family's Communication.

This is one of the main reasons, why each family owns more than one TV set and sometime even in each bedroom. This trend has further reduced the communication channel between the families. On the contrary, TV plays a pivotal role in the relationships of the friends and families by reuniting them. For example, while watching a world cup match on the TV, friends and families are gathered either in a pub or the hotels to cheer up their team. Moreover, if in case any of the family member is taking a part in the reality show, then complete family including relatives and friends support him by watching his performance on the TV.

This kind of events not only reunites the families, but even strong the bonding among them.

A Study On Family Communication Pattern And Parenting Styles

To recapitulate, television has the capacity to make communications stronger as well as weak. It is up to each individual how to make use of this tool without affecting the relationship and communication in their social life. But out of all these characters, including Vernon and Cora Tull their neighbors and Dr.

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Peabody, the protagonist is, in my opinion, Addie. These intricacies may seem tragically comic and ironic at first, but if given more thought, they seem more disturbing than anything. One of the most disturbing things about this novel is the characters of Darl and Vardaman and their constant questioning of identity.

While Vardaman tries to deal with death by identifying his mother to a dead fish, Darl goes deeper into it by questioning his own existence, isolating himself more from others and falling into madness. One of the questions the novel seems to raise is if whether communication is of relevance or not in our daily lives, and after finishing reading this book, I can say it definitely is, whether we like talking to each other or not. Perhaps the most outrageous moment is by the end of the novel when, after all the family has endured and lost, Anse has already gotten a new wife days after Addie has been buried.

This kind of turn of events makes it hard to extract some sort of lesson out of the novel.

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