Chandler thesis some general observations

There is no such thing as luck. This is how I explain the fortunes leading to my involvement in designing the blueprint for a school suitable for the year Here I describe my experience and my thoughts. The opportunity.


Michael Brooks contacted me by email back in February. It seemed one of those random emails that I could have just deleted, but the scale and ambition of bringing education experts from around the globe to create a school for the future caught my imagination. Also he offered to buy me a coffee if I met up to chat.

Originally, I didn't think I was going to be invited. I was talking to Michael about education experts I would like to see on such a panel. It was not until March that I received another email from Michael asking me to be part of the Quorum.

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The preparation. As someone who has a fair bit of self doubt and the occasional episode of impostor syndrome , I began to wonder 'why me'. Talking to other delegates at the summit, this was not an unusual feeling. The answer to this in all cases was our preparation. Not in the sense of what we did to go to the summit most of us did little preparation before hand but in the sense of the sum of our professional experiences so far.

For me there were several skills and experiences I could bring to the summit. I was a secondary school teacher years for a decade before becoming a tutor for trainee science teachers at the University if Sussex. In addition I have written several titles for formative assessment activities via Badger Publishing , contributed to the school based assessment criteria for NIS schools in Kazakhstan and have a doctorate based in formative assessment in science education. So although I had not prepared for contributing to this summit, my professional experience at this point in time gave me a certain level of expertise to offer.

My leaving thoughts. This summit experience has I hope become preparation for future intersections with opportunity. I want the explore the possibilities in the UK at first, then global implications. For the summit, the communique and the future Blue-Print will spark discussion and hopefully inform parents, teachers, schools and policy on how to develop education to nurture twenty-first century learners. I will explore some of the key issues raised in a future blog.

Sunday, June 10, My Kazakhstan Experience. Sometimes opportunities come out of the blue.

I could not have predicted that my doctorate would prepare me to support an education system a quarter of the way round the planet. When the email came inviting me to design a model of school based assessment for six schools in Astana, Kazakhstan, I barely knew of the existence of Kazakhstan and knew even less about their education system. I visited the main school over seven days to refine the model with the managers of the schools and deliver training to a selection of teachers from the six schools. I was working with a consultant for the design and delivery of examinations, who was also training managers and teachers in these skills.

Speaking about Lesson Objectives via Russian Translation. Journal of Educational Psychology , Vol 79 4 , Dec , Doctoral thesis, University of Sussex. The TES wrote a controversial article on educational reform in Kazakhstan, published while I was working in the country.

Chandler’s Thesis

Read the comments as well as the article. Profile Books.

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Every science teacher should visit the greatest experiment on Earth. Taking the 6. Approaching on the bus, a large rusty looking sphere grows on the horizon, signaling the entrance to CERN reception. This is known as Gate The visitor centre itself is a smart building that is surrounded by portacabins.

It is clear that the bulk of the money is spent on the super equipment hidden deep underground. Microscosm is the main static exhibit that explains what we know about the universe and sub atomic particles, how we got to know these things and how CERN is trying to bash particles apart to understand the fundamentals of the Universe. The rusty looking sphere is opposite Reception and is in fact an attractive wooden structure that contains an exhibition centre. The space is darkened with white spheres hanging mysteriously around the space with a blue UV glow. Each sphere contains an exhibit or touch screen information about the universe or CERN.

Chandler thesis some general observations

The tour at CERN is free. If you want to visit or get a group of students to go, this is my check list for you. Get in touch with CERN with some dates you have available about 6 months ahead. Once a date has been confirmed, book flights we go on a very cheap airline.

If going for a day, get an early flight out you need to arrive at CERN for 10am. If you can afford it get a coach to collect you from the airport to go CERN, do the tour and back again. It is exhausting to do a round day trip. If you can do an overnight stay, it is well worth it. Geneva is a beautiful city. Every science teacher should go - see what is happening there - come back enthused and share CERN's wonders with their students.

Just do it! The latter to consider the practicalities of organising such a trip for students and consider how to facilitate learning while pupils are actually there. There are lots of definitions of informal learning.

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