Can i submit different common app essays to different schools

How will your answers affect the admissions outcome? What can you do to maximize your odds of getting accepted as you're answering questions and writing essays in the applications? Because all the stuff you've done up to now is only half the battle. If you don't showcase the right things in the applications in the most effective way, you can be tanking the outcome without even knowing it.

Until the decision arrives. And then you might scratch your head and wonder why all the great things you have to offer weren't enough. The whole thing can feel like a random lottery, or you might conclude that the system is completely rigged. And it will feel like a big black box, because colleges are not going to give you feedback about what you did right and what you did wrong and what you could have done better.

Inline is your alternative. And your superpower. Because Inline teaches you how to think like an admissions officer through every step of the application, including activities lists, essays, disciplinary and criminal disclosures, recommendations, and more. Should I submit this test score or not? Using that section strategically is one of the best things you can do for your application, and we show you how.

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And our essay samples don't just show you what other people did. They are annotated so that you can see what makes an essay effective from the perspective of an admissions officer. Because ultimately, that's whose assessment and reaction and thinking process matters most to the outcome — not your English teacher, not your dad, not your friend who's a sophomore at your dream school, not commenters on a discussion board.

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You can read the seven essay prompts here. Do you need nine months to write your Common app essay? Probably not! The writing is in some ways not the hard part, though. Reflection and brainstorming take time. That's at least half the battle for a successful essay. Take advantage of the lead time for experimentation and do-overs.

Is there any downside to starting to write your Common App essay now?

The Common App Essay: How to Get into College With Less than 800 Words

Not really, but here are some things to take into consideration. If you'll be applying to colleges that have supplemental essays i. They'll come out on a slow drip. You probably haven't finalized your college list yet.

College Essay Tips - How to Tell a Unique Story to Admissions

That's normal. You can mix and match topics in a way that will allow you to get the most mileage out of whatever essays you end up writing , and potentially write fewer essays than you otherwise would have to So how do you know which colleges will have supplemental essays?

If you zoom in to read the tiny, tiny font oof! Can you rely on that information for this coming application season? But we won't know yet with any certainty until the new table comes out for That's fine too! Inline gives you advice for each Common App essay prompt and deconstructs sample essays from the perspective of the admissions officer.

That way you can start to think about how they actually use and evaluate application essays. Inline teaches you how to think like an admissions officer as you draft your essays.

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Inline also shows you how to submit different Common App essays to different colleges, which isn't obvious when you're logged into your Common App account. Starting to write earlier rather than later also gives you time to try drafting several Common App essay topics, using our Inline do's and don't for each one, and seeing which one feels the most natural and speaks to you the most.

Give yourself time to reflect and to brainstorm.

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Sometimes you don't know which one will end up clicking until you're deep into writing in response to a prompt. They mean the same thing. That information will roll over into your Senior year, no worries. And your Inline tool will roll over into your Senior year as well. And if additionally you need help with the supplemental essays, the best edition for you is Inline Pro. Everyone starts with the free version, and you can always upgrade later from within the tool as needed. Or you could run through the sprinklers for now and procrastinate until next fall.

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We don't recommend that though. If you're a junior gearing up for the college application process this fall, you'll soon learn that your school-based counselor will play a very important role in your success. Most applicants don't appreciate how much influence a school counselor can have on an admissions officer's evaluation.

Admissions officers value what the school counselor has to say about an applicant, and a negative report from the counselor can cause big problems for you. Help that person help you! Be responsive and pleasant to work with. If you think managing your applications to ten colleges requires a lot of work, think about the challenge of managing applications for fifty or four hundred or eight hundred students! Any way you calculate it, that's a lot of applications and applicants to manage, and the only way for that to work is for there to be a system that everyone within the school follows.

So follow the rules and work within the established system. Your school counselor is a very busy person. So don't just meet deadlines but beat them. And if you do have a special request, ask as soon as you know what you need. Don't procrastinate. School counselors typically structure opportunities to get to know their students, but students don't always take advantage of them. That leaves the counselor with little information to include in his or her school report, and no guidance from the student about what might be particularly helpful.

What's a "school report"? It's a document that your counselor will be submitting to the colleges you apply to, and that's what the Common App calls it too. It's basically a recommendation from your college counselor, and it's separate from your teacher recommendations. If your counselor offers individual appointments, schedule one and talk with him or her face to face.

If your counselor holds group sessions, attend them and participate. Take notes. Make a calendar of tasks for yourself. Follow up. Your school counselor is a licensed professional who works for your school. He or she must follow the school's policies and also the law. For example, a school counselor is not going to submit your school report until you have formally authorized him or her to do so.

That's a legal requirement, because the school report contains private and confidential information about you. If your counselor is not an expert on US college admissions, you might need to educate that person so he or she can help you. Inline has more tips just for international applicants! Your counselor is probably one of your parents, and so admissions officers will probably assume a certain amount of bias in his or her evaluation of you. That is why many colleges do not require a counselor recommendation from homeschooled students.

Inline has more tips just for homeschooled applicants! Download your free copy of Inline now to get started.

Can I Make More Than One Version of My Common App?

Sometimes, even under the best of circumstances, you find an error in your applications after you've submitted them. We know you're human. So do admissions officers. Your human capacity for error doesn't give you a pass to submit a mistake-riddled application, and ideally, you've submitted applications with zero mistakes. But if you do find a mistake after you've already sent them off, don't panic. There are things you can do to set things right again:. Not every mistake is a doozie.

If the mistake is truly inconsequential one typo in the name of your swim club , let that sleeping dog lie rather than drawing attention to the mistake with a correction. Submitting a corrected application can be logistically tricky in the era of online applications, because once your application has been submitted, you are typically prohibited from changing it or resubmitting it.

If the college is a Common Application college, you should submit your corrected version and your cover letter directly to that college.