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All seniors are welcome to apply for the BU Trustee Scholarship.

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Students who are interested in being a candidate for the BU Trustee Scholarship must complete and submit their BU application through the Common Application by December 1st. In addition, BU Trustee Scholar applicants are also required to submit 2 additional supplemental essay, which will also be submitted through the Common Application. Boston University Trustee Scholars are encouraged to develop well-informed and well-reasoned views of important political, social, and artistic issues. We select students who have a sense of how to present persuasive arguments in support of their views.

Boston University Trustee Scholarships

With that in mind, please select one of the questions below and respond with an essay explaining your perspective in words or less. Over the past decades, technology and global trade have cost jobs and emptied cities, income inequality has grown exponentially, and, for many, the values of community and identity seem more threatened today than ever before. Is it an example of democracy at its best or a danger to democratic institutions? In some cases, this research has led to breakthroughs in the development of new drugs and therapies.

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While protocols are now widespread requiring explicit consent from patients before any specimens are used for research, researchers predict future areas of research, especially regarding genetic material, that are unknown today. Do you believe patients must give their consent before any biospecimens from their bodies may be used for research? Must all possible areas of research be specified? In cases where the research leads to commercially viable treatments should they or their families be compensated? With extended reference one novel, poem, play, piece of music, or work of art, please discuss what you believe this sentence to mean.

Give us a glimpse of a passion, dream, or mental pursuit that absorbs and delights you.

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The leaders of our world must be held to a standard equal to or higher than the standard we hold the citizens of the world to. I applied for the Trustee ad Presidential scholarships via BU. These were merit-based and so they had to do with my grades. I received neither, understandably as my grades are generally average As and Bs with the occasional C and only two or so pitfall Ds.

I applied for outside scholarships as well, but a tip for these is to apply while you are still in application mode.

Read his full BU application file and application advice. She loves super sad drama television, cooking, and reading. The question of whether to tailor your personal statement for each school you're applying to is a common one. If you're applying Early Decision to a school, this go-to guide shares when and how to If you're applying to college, you probably have a preconception about the relative importance of volunteering on your college application. In this blog post, learn the type of volunteering activity that can actually make a Planning to apply to a University of California school? You'll have to answer 4 out of 8 essay prompts.

Here's how the UC admissions team wants you to interpret each essay prompt! Why making a four year plan is important for incoming freshman who want to graduate college in 4 years. Boston University is a private research university in Boston, Massachusetts. Furthermore, Boston University offers scholarships to its students on the basis of need, academic merit and other artistic talents.

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The scholarship amount ranges upto full tuition, to recognize high achieving students who go above and beyond. Scholarships like the Presidential Scholarship, Thomas M.

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Menino Scholarship are for incoming freshmen having academic excellence. Find University that Best Fits You! Recipients typically:. Besides exceptional academic credentials, Trustee Scholars are intellectually and creatively adventurous and demonstrate viewpoints, experiences, or achievements beyond the usual. They are, in other words, not just top students, but extraordinarily well-rounded individuals.

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A Trustee Scholarship covers full undergraduate tuition as well as the mandatory undergraduate student fees. Furthermore, the scholarship is renewable for four years if certain criteria are met.

There is no separate application for the scholarship.