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Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Contents Identification Of The Need page. Design Brief For my final product I will design as well as manufacture a unique and ergonomic storage unit. This will be mainly targeting girls aged around Most importantly my design should also protect the content placed on or placed inside and hold at least 20 pieces of jewelry. As well as this, my product should also feel luxurious and convenient to use. Lastly I would my design should be durable enough to withstand small drops.

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Evidence of the problem At least once in our lifetime we had lost a piece of jewelry or small accessories that are important to us. The main reason for this is that we tend to randomly clutter our belongings around the house. This is a common problem for me and many other teenagers around the world. Below is an example of an a typical desk of a teenager. As seen below, all the jewelry and accessories have been jumbled up together which makes it very hard to find specific items, hence this makes my storage an ideal product for teenagers. To find out additional information on what my target user may demand I conducted a small survey asking 20 teenagers of each gender aged 15 to Questionnaire Analysis Looking at my questionnaire supported my idea that a jewelry storage would be highly desirable.

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From the questionnaire I can also tell that jewelry storages are mostly demanded for woman and girls. By looking at the questionnaire I can also conclude that my design will be mainly designed to place it in bathrooms. By learning from this questionnaire I can now start my design brief… Product Idea For the past years jewelry has become an obligatory item for women and men to wear. Although they generally tend to be expensive and important to us they often get misplaced or even lost due to their small size.

Through my own experience and those of my friends I have decided to make a jewelry storage to prevent this from happening. Also, despite the amount of existing jewelry storages, not all compliment the environment it is in. An example for this is the lack of capacity of some of the storages. However, In order to make the best and most suitable storage unit for my user I will research my market thoroughly. Questionnaire To further justify a need for a jewelry storage I conducted a questionnaire to investigate the existing issues with jewelry storages and discover which ones are the most significant.

This idea has been supported from the additional research conducted this includes the questionnaire as well as the evidence of the problem. Thus I was able to come up with a design brief which specified my target audience and the needs my product has to fulfill. Size Working from the pictures of jewelry in my household and available online I will find the estimated space my storage unit may occupy. In addition to this I will conduct a research on the dimensions of other existing products and tables.

By conducting this research I will be able to determine the dimensions of my final product. By doing so I will be also able to tell how much I can fit in my product. For my research in size I will look a range of existing products available in Thailand and on the internet to get an idea how much space my design may occupy.

I will be also using the internet to research ergonomics my final design should satisfy in order to make it as comfortable as possible for the user. Materials I will start this research off by looking at the available materials in the workshop. I will also conduct additional research on more suitable materials which are appropriate for my storage unit available in Thailand. A strong understanding of the materials are important to make the right decision and selection to enable a successful product launch in the market.

I will use various methods to research this. I will be looking at materials available at the workshop as well as materials available in local shops. The manufacturing process is the most important process of the entire project. In order to create my product I will have to be able to have all the necessary equipment including all the knowledge on how to use the equipment available. For this I will test this by trying different machines which are in the workshop.

In addition to this I will also use other media such as books and websites of possible ways I will be able to manufacture thin Existing products During this process I will examine specific products to see how they are designed and how they work. In order to get me inspired I will look at existing products on the internet, in designer magazines and a nearby shop. Conducting a research on existing products will get me inspired as well as showing me a range of techniques that I may be able apply on my final product. Just like manufacturing processes I will look at jewelry storages in local shops as well as designs on the internet. Target User existing products will get me inspired as well as showing me a range of techniques that I may be able apply Without knowing my target user I wont be able to satisfy their wants and needs.

Using this I will plan my research thoroughly and give a detailed explanation on how I will conduct the research. Initial Specification Using my design brief I have decided on key specifications that have to be implemented in my final design. Primary Research My primary research will involve things such as conducting questionnaires to fulfill the wants and needs of my market. I will also conduct research outside of school such as in local shops and retailers to get new ideas and methods professional designers use.

Secondary Research For my secondary research I will be mainly using the internet to explore a range of possible things I can implement on my design. This includes things like manufacturing processes, joining methods, materials and existing products. From the existing products I will then choose 3, 1 which I have access to and the 2 others available online.

Conclusion I have now planned what to research and how to research so I have a clear idea of the work that has to be carried out. Now, for every research conducted I will create 1 detailed slide. Furniture, flooring, veneer, cabinetry etc. Veneer, cabinetry, construction lumbering etc. Ship and boatbuilding, veneer furniture, exterior construction etc.

High-value carpentry items such as furniture, window frames, paneling etc. Mostly used in musical instruments such as guitars, pianos etc. Good workability; glues well. Also has great insect resistance.

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Easy to work with; glues well. Superb stability, good strength properties and outstanding resistance to decay and rot Good workability.

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The reason for me to give this wood a poor rating is because of its non-resistant property. However Parana Pine has a lower weather resistance than the previous woods.

Although Teak is better than Oak I wont be able to give it a score higher than 8 as it is very expensive. Through conducting deeper research Scots Pine is able to cause allergic skin reactions and could trigger asthma-like symptoms to some people. In addition to this it is also said to be non durable.

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An engineered wood product manufactured by gluing together saw dust and wood chip.