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A natural trustfulness broke through constantly and every time it did, she got her. She was told over and over that she must remain a virgin because that was the only way she could get a husband. This was harped on so often that it became a fixation. It would have been impossible to seduce her. She had only that one thing to sell and she knew it. Now, she was trained by threat not only at home but by other kids. And any show of fear or weakness brought an instant persecution.

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She learned to be hard to cover her fright. And automatically she became hardest when she was most frightened. She is a night, kind girl, not a floozy. No man has ever considered her as anything except a girl to try to make.

She has never talked to a man except in the sexual fencing conversation. As to her actual sexual life—she has had none except with Curley and there has probably been no consummation there since Curley would not consider her gratification and would probably be suspicious if she had any. Consequently she is a little starved. She knows utterly nothing about sex except the mass misinformation girls tell one another.

If anyone—a man or woman—ever gave her a break—treated her like a person—she would be a slave to that person. Her craving for contact is immense but she, with her background, is incapable of conceiving any contact without some sexual context. With all this—if you knew her, if you could ever break down a thousand little defenses she has built up, you would find a nice person, an honest person, and you would end up by loving her. But such a thing could never happen. She is afraid of everyone in the world. You can see them in Central Park on a hot night.


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They travel in groups for protection. They pretend to be wise and hard and voluptuous. I have a feeling that you know all this and that you are doing all this. Please forgive me if I seem to intrude on your job. I am very happy that you have it. Big Ideas — why?

Have a look here for some pointers about big ideas. George tells Lennie not to drink the water because it could make him sick. But then he tastes the water and says that it's fine. He warns Lennie not to drink the water unless it's running. View all Lesson Plans available from BookRags. All rights reserved. Toggle navigation. Sign Up. Sign In. Get Of Mice and Men from Amazon. View the Study Pack.

Of Mice and Men

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