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They don't contribute to society.

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Professional Athletes are Overpaid for their “Jobs” | Teen Ink

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Think Athletes Are Overpaid? These Numbers Might Change Your Mind

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You've obviously never played a single sport in your life. Partying and getting into trouble? This isnt the life of Justin Beiber. They may not deserve 80 million in 5 years, but they work hard every day since childhood to do these things. It takes dedication for that. Next time you decide to dis something and write an article about it, use some information and facts instead of your opinions. All your doing is getting yourself laughed at. Report Abuse. SubtoDevTheDeveloper said This article is really bad beacsbejdbekdb. Ryan said Love how most of the comments are 11 years late. And how despite the rules saying that commentors need to be constructive This article is bad said Name 1 athlete not acquired for skill.

This article is shit said Football can not be compared with basketball for number of games. Robert said Wow this article is bad.

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Calling athletes cry babies and entertainment this person has clearly never played a sport in there lives and has probably sat on a computer for their whole lives. Athletes work unbelievably hard to get to the highest level. They have been dreaming of this for there whole lives and u call them entertainment. They play sports cause they love it most athletes would take a championship over any sum of mone.

If the contracts where lowered than the not so god athletes would get paid almost nothing like 10k a year maybe lower u need to have price ranges or the pay will be to low. This article is a disgrace and is by far the worst that I read in a long timt. You know HOW athletes bring in fans? Fans come to see LeBron and curry because they're terrific and entertaining players. It's not hard to become a police officer or a teacher, someone with the most basic of intellect can become an elementary school teacher.

It's hard to become an athlete. Zane said Athletes contribute little and are paid too much. It is unfair to those who get paid less and contribute more. It is extremely hard to make it on a professional sports team. The people who get "overpaid" are the ones who have a lot of talent. Some people have book smarts, but these people have a talent in sports.

Why would athletes not be recruited to bring in fans, what else would they be good for? Its called a union, the players union. In order for the league to continue year by year, the players union needs to agree to base pays, compensation, etc etc. Its politics.

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In that same year, fewer than 40 rookies will make it into the NBA Anderson. Teachers will also be able to practice their careers for upwards of 50 years, while most athletes will be employed for just a few seasons, at most. In addition to this, people spend far more money on education than sports. For example, Tiger Woods is set to become the first ever Billion dollar athlete.

Because sponsorships are only worth the marketing potential of the sponsee, people essentially pay the athlete the money Forbes. Professional athletes are also wrongly compared to other careers. Professional athletes have very demanding jobs, both physically and mentally. They also must be in the best shape possible at all times. Almost every professional athlete works out year-round during both their regular season as well as their off season. During the regular season, most professional athletes will practice well over 40 hours a week.

Are Professional Athletes Overpaid?

They will also have to attend team meetings and press conferences, among other things. Those athletes on teams also have to abide by curfews and may have restrictions as to what they can and cannot do. These professional athletes must also perform at the highest level at all times. If their level of play begins to lower, they could lose their jobs at any time.

They have extremely low job security Professional. As of May , about 16, people in the United States held jobs as professional athletes. When growing up, most professional athletes played youth, high school, and college sports.