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When it was finally time to send it off after countless of revisions, I was at peace with my application. Not only did I produce a portfolio of essays I was proud of, but I had also learned so much about who I was and who I wanted to be. Because the essay mattered to me, perhaps it mattered to my college readers. Turns out, it also mattered to readers around the world who could relate to my relationship with my mom, or the feeling of being an outsider, or how my family unapologetically embraces our flaws.

It can be scary to bare your heart to the world, but allow your readers to bear witness to your story. Unapologetically embrace who you are, and your readers will too. In our house, English is not English.

Not in the phonetic sense, like short a is for apple, but rather in the pronunciation—in our house, snake is snack. Words do not roll off our tongues correctly—yet I, who was pulled out of class to meet with language specialists, and my mother from Malaysia, who pronounces film as flim, understand each other perfectly. Classmates laughed because I pronounce accept as except, success as sussess.

I was in the Creative Writing conservatory, and yet words failed me when I needed them most. I rejected the English that had never seemed broken before, a language that had raised me and taught me everything I knew. When my mother moved from her village to a town in Malaysia, she had to learn a brand new language in middle school: English. In a time when humiliation was encouraged, my mother was defenseless against the cruel words spewing from the teacher, who criticized her paper in front of the class. It has not been easy.

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There is a measure of guilt when I sew her letters together. Long vowels, double consonants—I am still learning myself. Sometimes I let the brokenness slide to spare her pride but perhaps I have hurt her more to spare mine. These pros of illegal immigrants get overshadowed by the costs that they bring to the country. Immigration reforms are necessary and will bring benefits both to the United States and the immigrants.

Illegal immigrants bring a lot of problems to the United States, and many are of the opinion they should not be allowed to enter the country in the first place. But since it is impossible to stop immigrants from coming to the country in one move, steps should be undertaken to reduce illegal immigrants in phases. Most of the money that they earn is undeclared depriving the United States economy of much-needed taxes. Putting an end to illegal immigration is not impossible as many tend to assume.

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However, if there are proper reforms and a reliable taskforce, it is achievable. For this to work, there should be political goodwill as well as enough funds to see the program through. The executive can come up with measures to try and reduce illegal immigrants without needing new legislation. The laws already in place should be applied uniformly and not selectively.

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When rules are implemented depending on what one can get out of it or for selfish reasons, they will fail. Employers should also be encouraged to hire documented workers to help the government in fighting illegal immigration. They should look at the bigger picture and not think of how cheap it will be hiring illegal immigrants as opposed to the rest.

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Illegal immigrants also take job opportunities away from locals since their labor is cheap and employers tend to hire them over citizens. Congress and the courts should clarify laws about immigration making them simple so that all parties involved realize what the country expects of them before entering. Prohibiting illegal crossing and deporting those caught living in the United States without proper documentation is also a useful tool to combat illegal immigrants. They should increase the number of officers patrolling this area to deter potential immigrants from using this stretch to come into the country.

Fences, lights and other barriers should be erected along this busy stretch to assist in the fight. Hotspots should be mapped out and officers sent to these areas to interdict those caught trying to cross into the country illegally. All these are measures that can be implemented by the relevant authorities without needing approval from Congress. There have also been numerous prosecutions relating to illegal immigrants over the past years.

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The government is not only targeting the illegal immigrants but corporate America as well as hiring undocumented workers to reduce their cost of doing business. A company faces federal prosecution if they are found culpable of flaunting employment rules to favor themselves. Illegal immigrants have an unfair advantage over documented migrants as they accept minimal remuneration and work more hours without expecting overtime compensation from their employers. Currently, it is agaist the law for a company to knowingly employ and retain illegal immigrants even after realizing their status.

They face hefty fines, civil and criminal penalties if found liable for this offenses. In some places, illegal immigrants are kidnapped while are still headed to their destination for ransom and some cases they are found dead for failed payment. Illegal immigrants are always subject to torture, rape, and prostitution. Western Europe countries face serious problems that revolve around the exploitation of illegal immigrants sexually. The United States and Mexico are in the war between the transnational gangs and the human trafficking between the two border countries.

Border crossing by illegal immigrants is among the most common method and the most dangerous method, most of them are have ended up suffocating in the shipping container, trucks, and boxcars. Another method has been to immigrants overstaying their visa after the host countries rejecting them residence but having not expelled them yet. Another means by the children born in the host countries by the foreigners like in the case of France and Belgium.

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